Friday, February 20, 2009

What? I had Plans???

Sometimes, no matter how perfectly planned out you may have things, or how hard you try to make things work when obstacles come up, there is just a point when you need to sit back, laugh and roll with it. Yesterday was swim practice at 7:30. Usually it's not problem getting there because I get off work at 6. Of course, this is the week we go onto Overtime at work, so I try to find out if I can go to practice, then come back and do my 2 extra hours after. At first my lead said no, thinking that my current shot was in a different place then it was. Once he saw what I had, he said it was fine. So I run home to change into my swim stuff and grab my bag. Once I got out into the alley I see a bunch of cop cars to the left of my garage where the alley Ts and you have to go either right or left. I figured someone got robbed or something and that I'd just go the other way to get out. I pull my car out of the garage and suddenly there's a spotlight on my car from the helicopter bellow that starts following me! Thankfully one of my neighbors came over to fill me in. Apparently there was a high speed chase that ended when the man driving the white car drove it straight into the apartment building where the alley Ts. 3 guys then bailed out of the car, leaving one behind who was then arrested. The police then proceeded to barricade the entire neighborhood off and refused to let anyone leave or enter for over an hour, which was after swim practice started. Needless to say, this was pretty funny. Not only could I not make practice, but I was not able to finish up my overtime at work. I decided to just work on getting everything ready for the garage sale on Saturday and laugh at how ridiculous the day was. I thought I had everything worked out, and life just said, "nope, today you're going to be trapped at home for an hour." It was a great chance to just look at the other possibilities around me. I realized how fortunate I am that, even though this was never what I had wanted for the evening, this incident only threw off my night. People who find out that they have a blood disease, well that sorta throws off their whole life, so why should I think I get to complain? Really, I'm just grateful everyday to be healthy and alive. Sure stress comes and goes, but I have so much to live for, and I am happy for the perspective I've gained while preparing for this race.

This weekend is looking to be very eventful. I have high hopes for good weather, successful garage sale and super fun party! For more information on these events, please check out my previous blog post.

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  1. Haha, that's awesome! Hannah was almost part of a cop chase! WOOT!