Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday Monday Na na Na nana na!

So today I woke up at 5am so I could get to the gym on time for my personal training session with Laura. I scheduled this last week, not realizing I had off work today, which meant I could have slept in and done a later session. Oh well, it got me out of bed at least! Today we did a lot of lower back and abs, which is always really hard, but I feel GREAT after! I love walking away from a work out really feeling the burn of achievement in my muscles!!!! Looking back I can't imagine being as successful in my training without a personal trainer. Twice a week, Laura helps me hit areas of my body that wouldn't be getting as much attention just running biking and swimming, as well as strengthening the areas I will be using most in the race. What I love about working with Laura is she has my best interests in mind. She is great about showing me how to do things, like using the yoga ball, so that if I were to get one, I could easily do things on my own! Also, throughout the week she e-mails all of her clients with various health tips, nutrition info, recipes and fun facts to help us as we make lifestyle changes. If I ever have any questions, I know I can drop her an e-mail and she'll get back to be asap, which is really a great luxury to have. I feel very blessed to have gotten such a wonderful trainer, I owe a lot of my success over the past couple months to her. Everything from exercise habits to eating right, I have been able to better grasp thanks to her.

Here are two pictures from our session today. I was on this machine that would keep my body straight but on an angle so I could bend at the waist allowing me to really hit my lower back muscles.

First I would start by holding the weight and bending over, not arching my back, but bending at the waist and keeping my back straight.

Then I would lift the weight up over my head really hyper extending. It feels so good, but really starts to burn fast!

I love lower back days.

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  1. Ok, so I figured out how to get a blogger acount (all on my own, Yay!). You say way too many nice things about me. It's you that is so awesome. I love spending sunrise time with you and your great attitude :)