Friday, February 13, 2009

Thank you everyone for your prayers and support yesterday. I really needed it. Today I am better rested and feel much more capable again!

Swim practice was good, I did around 25 laps (50yrds each) and barely stopped for more then 30 seconds a couple times. It felt really good, even if people were passing me in the pool. I've just learned to take it at my own pace. Sometimes I like to hum songs from the Little Mermaid to help me relax. It makes the time pass at a more enjoyable pace.

Here is a funny pic from last night:

At first this may look like a silly picture of my assistant coach, Kevin McCabe. Well look a little closer....


....still don't see it?

I'll help you out:

That's me freezing in the background! Hahaha At least once I got going I warmed up, but getting in and started is always the hardest part.

So thank you again for your support. I would not be able to make this happen without each of you! Have a lovely day.

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