Wednesday, March 25, 2009

So Close!

This past Saturday was incredibly packed. I had a laundry list of responsibility and had to schedule everything to a T! I went to Team in Training practice in the morning, and jumped in the ocean for yet another cold and murky swim. I think the hardest part anymore about swimming in the ocean is once my hands and feet go numb from the cold. It was a great swim though and I didn't feel like I was the caboose this time. Unfortunately, since practice started later then usual I was only able to do the swim and had to skip out on the run so I could get to work. Yay for overtime! ...Ok, maybe not, but it's part of the job. So I got to work, and did as much as I could, then had to run off to get my taxes done. Thanks to LA traffic, I was 5 minutes late, which apparently didn't matter because my accountant was 30 minutes late. Once taxes were done I headed back to my end of town to pick up a friend and get over to the Pretentious Poker Party Fund Raiser that Joel, Ryan and Marin were kind enough to help me throw. I will do a separate post on the party, as it was incredibly too epic to include in this post and without any pictures. Overall, Saturday was incredibly productive, checking several things off my list. I am in so many ways ready for this weekend, and yet very shocked that I'll be getting on a plane Friday morning to head to the race. I feel prepared and still have no idea what to expect. I love adventure!

I leave you with this awesome and epic photo. Thank you Pai Wei once again for your generous and beautiful photography.

(I think I look silly with my swim cap on. I like my hair!)

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  1. Way to go Hannah!

  2. How Strange to think that of all people, my Dad and his amazing life and unfortunate passing inspired you into all of this.. I am amazed and humbled....
    Get in touch, I would love to hear more about all of this.