Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Did I just run the full Triathlon Distance?

I did it! This past Saturday we did a full swim, bike and run! I was certainly anxious heading in to it, and with overtime all week, I was not feeling particularly rested. Friday night I set everything out on my couch, and imagined going through the three parts of the race, and making sure I had everything I needed. I then put my bike on the back of my car, that way I'd be ready to just jump in and go first thing in the morning.

5am: I hit snooze for 5 minutes.

5:05am: I drag myself out of bed and get dressed. Put all my pieces in the car and begin the drive up to Zuma Beach in Malibu. So after driving too far (thank goodness Mommy was on the bluetooth with me and looked up the address) I finally get to the beach and setup my bike and lay out all my bits and pieces for the transitions.
Here's a pic of everyone setting up by the bike racks. (the pink handle bars belong to my bike!)

Once everything was setup, we slipped into our wet suits and zipped up! We ran, well, walked shivering down to the water. It was colder then last time, and the waves a little larger and choppier. I let a little water into my wet suit, and began swimming. A couple of the coaches said I was doing really well, and Pai even mentioned that he could tell I was doing better this time. More then anything I was struggling with the cold, and that won't be an issue in Hawaii. I thought to myself, "if I can handle this, I can handle anything!"
The Pacific Ocean, cold and waiting for us to come in for a swim:

When I finished my swim, I scurried up the beach to the parking lot and dried off. I was so cold I ended up putting on my exercise pants on over my tri shorts, as well as my tank top, long sleeved Yamaha shirt and my Alvin hoodie. One of my teammates was kind enough to loan me her extra pair of riding gloves. I guzzled a bottle of Gatorade, hopped on my bike and took off up the Pacific Coast Highway. It was pretty chilly, but the scenery was gorgeous! I had to snap a few pictures to share, as well as remember.

Here you can see me as I straggle behind, this will be the last time you see other cyclists in the photo, as they all leave me in the dust! (It's ok, I know I need to go at my own pace to keep my asthma under control)

A couple fun scenic shots along the way:

This was taken on my way back, the road winding along the coast is what I had already gone up and come back on.

Once I finished the bike ride I went for my run. I walked more then I plan to in the actual race, but was wanting to take it easy on my knee. Its been acting up a lot, and I really don't want to injure it before the race. On the bright side, the test race was overall a lot less intimidating then I thought it would be. Once I started I got in the zone and just went! I'm so excited now to get to Hawaii and reach that finish line.

This just delighted me to no end! Not only was I biking through Malibu, but here is the gate to Barbie's Mansion!!! I had to snap a picture.

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  1. I love the 'Bu. Driving PCH when it's sunny is awesome. I'm weaker than you, so I have to use a car. :-)

  2. Oh yeah, the PCH is beautiful to travel along, car or bike! ^_^

  3. Way to go! How long does it take to do all that?

  4. You go girl! When do you leave for HI?